Carroll Mills Pastor

Carroll Linwood Mills was born in Pocomoke, Maryland to the late Helen and Preston Mills. His brother William and his wife Kathy and three children, William, Kara and Byron, reside in Salisbury, MD.

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Cheryll MillsFirst Lady

Serving as the Assistant Vice President for Enrollment Management since 2005, Cheryll A. Mills has wholeheartedly embraced her various roles at the University of Maryland Eastern Shore.

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Ministerial Staff

Charles Bell Elder

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Peggy DickersonMinister

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Shirl TullElder

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Cedric FranklinMinister

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Brenda Sanders Elder

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Evette FranklinMinister

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Briana WhittingtonMinister

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Marshall Evans

Lauren Marshall

Brenda Marshall

Laverne Stewart

Church Clerks

Cathy Bell

Lucille Hayward

Elizabeth Stephens


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